sam&dave& the princess

i've always loved adventure stories. particuarly ones where no one really got hurt. when i was a kid i was always good guy and bad guy simultaneously.

what began as a bedtime story for my children soon morphed into a fantasy that spanned space and time.

sam and dave are twins who bike into black forest, discover a secret stone, are chased across worlds, and manage to save another earth with the help of the princess. in the story she is of asian origin. in real life she is my daughter. and she is still a princess. oh yes, we can't forget the green gruf who looks part aligator and has a heart the size of india. that's probably me, except for the heart part.

the story covers spirituality, ethics, philosophy and pragmatism, all at a level children understand and grown-ups struggle with. it is a classic story of good versus evil, looking after the welfare of others, and not allowing technology to blind us to what might really be happening around us.