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we all look into a mirror more than once each day. we do this so frequenlty that we're hardly aware we're doing it. the amazing feature of this looking is that we recognize ourselves each time we look. it takes a baby a little while to get up to recognition speed, but it happens. it's something we learn.

have you ever looked at a photo of yourself from a few weeks ago? basically, you recognize yourself as easily as if you were looking into a mirror. now look at an earlier photo. depending on how much you've changed, you are still able to recognize yourself. gradually, however, recognition fades. at some point you will look at a photo and you will know it is you not because you recognize it as you but because you remember the image in that photo was you at some point.

barring accident, the topography of the human face changes slowly. we age. so slowly that we barely recognize the degree of change. wrinkles happen, teeth change shape, eyes change, and the fat and skin covering the skull change. even the skull shape changes. until one day, you will look into at a photo of yourself from long ago and you will not immediately recognize yourself without a prompt.

facial landscaping is about surveying the topography of the human face. i have developed a style, although i couldn't enunciate what it is. the more i learn ab out the human face, the more i learn about paint and canvas, the more my style changes. it is, however, what it is. whatever that means.