abstract landscapes

.....within a few decades 'landscape' was used to describe vistas in poetry, and eventually as a term for real views. Landscape views in art may be entirely imaginary, or copied from reality with varying degrees of accuracy.(source: wikipedia)

landscapes, whether real or imaginary, are about topography, contours, depressions, local detail, (source wikipedia), natural and artificial features, even local history and culture. the terrain of a human face, of human hair, of the human body, of any object, is its topography, its landscape. (source gan)

i consider myself to be a landscape artist. perhaps i use the word 'artist' loosely. i use it in the same way i use 'writer' or 'carpenter'. i art, i paint, and i carpenter. as a result, i consider myself a writer, an artist and a carpenter.

i believe everything is metaphorical, and this includes topography and landscape. a metaphor is a way of defining something in terms of something else, layer upon layer, until eventually we forget we are dealing with metaphor and believe we are dealing with life. landscape is just such an animal. it is a way of seeing comparisons of topography, depressions, colors, shadows and angles which eventually creates the illusion of something real.

my facial and figurative abstracts are just as landscape as my abstract and symbolic landscapes.

to qualify my opinions, however, i am quite aware that how i classify my work is only of importance to those who want to disagree.